Atlanta Video Production

Did you show up here because your marketing folks said they needed video? They know video content gets the best return on investment. 83% of marketers would like to create more video content if time, resources, and budget weren't obstacles (Buffer, 2016).

But you run a successful business. You can't take considerable time and resources away from it to produce video content. But you also can't ignore such a critical method to increase your sales.

Atlanta Video Production

Our Solution

We've built our facility and framework to produce quality, ongoing video series content. We create content that builds credibility. Content that keeps you top-of-mind. Content that differentiates you from your competition. Content that puts you into more sales conversations.

Phil Tow YouTube Video Production
Phil Town Recording at Capocus Studios

YouTube Series Video Production

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Goggle. And because Google owns YouTube, they place high search value on the videos you post there. YouTube videos appear in search engine results alongside webpage results. We create informative videos based on the topics most searched by your ideal clients. Then, we format the video metadata so your videos show up for those search terms.

YouTube is also the second biggest social network. Yet, only 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content (Buffer, 2019). That other 38 % of businesses are missing out because 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube (Thinkwithgoogle, 2019). You can get the edge over many of your competitors by posting quality content to YouTube.

YouTube Series Production Subscribers

Series Video Production Leads To Notoriety

You want recognition for the experience and knowledge you've cultivated throughout your career. YouTube Series video production provides the platform to build credible content. You can speak in detail about your topics. You can provide comprehensive case studies and scenarios. Prospects and colleagues who subscribe to your channel will see you are a leader in your field.

Building A Virtual Relationship

Series video production is not a general advertisement for your business. It isn't aimed at a broad, general market. We hone your series content to speak to your highest value clients. The content appeals to investigative prospects who vet their choices. Through your video series, you build a weekly relationship with key prospects. When they are ready to decide on a product or service, you will be the first place they turn.

YouTube Subscriber Relationship

Consistent And Frequent Video Distribution

A common business mistake is to produce one long, comprehensive video. It's better to create short, digestible videos on specific topics. 1-minute to 10-minute lengths tend to perform best. You can focus each video on a distinct topic that will appeal to your prospects. And you can spread those topics out over the coming weeks and months to maximize your exposure.

Video Production Frequency