Evergreen Webinars

Free webinars are one of the most engaging sales techniques available online. They are a low barrier of entry for your prospects. Prospects can schedule them at their convenience and participate from home, work or on-the-go.  Evergreen webinars allow you to create webinar content once and use it again and again.

Educating Your Buyers Through Evergreen Webinars

The best technique for selling is education. As you educate a prospect, you gain their trust and build your credibility. Offer enough quality educational content to make it worth the prospects time. But leave them wanting more so they will move from prospect to customer.

Virtually Expanding Your Sales Efforts

It's really difficult to build a great business development team. That task often falls to business owners like you. You have a career of experience in your field. That experience is difficult to teach a sales team. Haven't you ever wished you could just clone yourself?

Evergreen Webinars let you do just that. We design your Webinar around your proven sales methods, case studies, and customer stories. We put you in a position to sale to multiple people at a time multiple times per day. You are no longer bound by location either.

Prospect Self-Selection Through Evergreen Webinars

Marketers often create lead funnels fed by advertisements and content marketing techniques. While this can generate lead activity, it isn't a perfect tool. A vast amount of those leads will not be your ideal clients. And filtering out those mismatched contacts can be a drain on your resources. Evergreen Webinars put your ideal prospects in a position to self-select their way to your products and services.

Evergreen Webinars Become A Sales Pipeline

Wondering why we keep using the phrase evergreen? Evergreen in this context means that your webinars are always relevant. The webinar content produced can be used over and over again for months and potentially years to come.  Evergreen Webinar production reduces technical glitches, momentary lapses, and tongue-tied speech. We pre-produce seamless webinar content that is automated. You can jump in at any time to answer questions, but the rest of the time you and your staff can monitor progress.

Evergreen Webinar Platforms

There are a number of Webinar platforms out there. But only a handful that can handle automated aspects of evergreen webinars. We help you choose the right solution for your needs. Features can include reoccurring webinars, automated chat, notifications, live mode, and more.

Engaging Evergreen Webinars With Mixed-Media

PowerPoint presentations can be pretty boring. Evergreen Webinars provide the opportunity for you to keep your prospects engaged to the end of the webinar. We mix slides, talking head video, interview video, testimonials, motion graphics, and music to create an engaging presentation.